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Molybdenum wire

Молибденовая проволока, проволока МЧ, проволока МЧВП, проволока МРН, бухта молибденовой проволоки

Молибденовая проволока, проволока из молибдена, катушка молибденовой проволоки, бухта молибденовой проволокиMolybdenum wire is uded as a core in tungsten spiral manufacturing, as a raw material in molybdenum mesh manufacturing, for manufacturing of: spirals of electronic lamps, heating elements of furnaces, hooks, rivets, leads and so on.

Comparing to tungsten molybdenum is more ductile that allows to produce more complicated parts.

We supply molybdenum wire. Diameter, surface condition and length as per customer’s requirement.

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