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Molybdenum sheet and foil

Молибденовый лист, молибденовая заготовка, молибденовая плита Молибденовый лист, молибденовая полоса, молибденовая лента, лист МЧ, лист МЧВП, лист М-МП, лист ЦМ-2А, лист TZM, полоса МЧ, полоса МЧВП, полоса М-МП, полоса TZM, полоса ЦМ-2А

Mo sheet and foil are mostly used for manufacturing of heat shields, although various fabricated parts mainly components of electrical vacuum furnaces can be produced of Mo sheet or foil. We manufacture plate, sheet, stripe and foil of molybdenum according to Russian and international specifications.

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