Услуги литейному производству


Apart from materials we offer the folowing services for foundries:

  1. Converting 3D model to pattern as per your requirement.
  2. Simulation of the model to predict shrinkage.
  3. Optimized gating system based on the simulation.
  4. Prototype – from 3D model till a pilot lot of 30-50 castings to facilitate direct induction of the pattern into production.
  5. Pattern and coreboxes to your 3D model machined in Vertical machining centre. Material: CI/Aluminium.
  6. Thermal analysis using ATAS at site to optimize chemistry and additions in the melt.
  7. Defects analysis and remedy.
  8. Realtime pouring of same grade of castings in your presence at the R&D foundry and with your patterns if provided.
  9. Elemental analysis of inoculants and nodulants using XRF (Quantitative).
  10. Qualitative analysis of elements in XRF.
  11. Quantitative analysis of elements using ICP for metals such as Iron, Chromium, Barium, Copper, Lithium, Vanadium, Terbium for which master samples are available with us and being added every month. Latest list of metals that can be tested will be provided on request.
  12. Microstructure analysis and report for GI, DI and CGI.
  13. Physical properties testing (Tensile strength, Yield strength, Elongation, Brinell Hardness, Micro-Vickers).
  14. Ultrasound testing and checking of internal cavities (using Ultrasound testing machine and Industrial Endoscope respectively).

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