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ErgoSil inoculants are a ferrosilicon based inoculants which contain carefully controlled additions of such active elements as calcium (Ca), barium (Ba), strontium (Sr), zirconium (Zr), manganese (Mn) and aluminium (Al).

These inoculants were developed for inoculation of grey iron (GI), ductile (or spheroidical) iron (DI or SGI) and compacted graphite iron (CGI).

Main purpose – to create conditions for carbon growth as graphite instead of carbide (inoculant provides for potential nucleation sites growth).

Depending on purpose ErgoSil inoculants contain active elements in following ranges:

Si, %

Ba, %

Sr, %

Zr, %

Al, %

Ca, %

Mn, %

46 – 75

0.3 – 11.0

0 .6 – 1.0

1.0 – 3.0

0.5 – 4.5

0.5 – 2.5

1.9 – 11.0

ErgoSil inoculants were developed to suit all known methods of inoculation – sandwich-process, overpour, metal stream inoculation (MSI), inserts for big castings production.

Effect of elements in inoculants

Promotes for graphitization, reduce carbides, stabilizes ferrite, improves casting properties.

Neutralizes nitrogen. Good ferrite stabilizer.

Improves nodularity in ductile iron. Reduces carbides formation tendency and promotes graphite formation.

Improves graphitization and increase fading time. Reduce chill.

Promotes for graphitization in GI and DI. Reduce chill in grey iron.

Neutralizes dissolved nitrogen, reduces risk of nitrigen pinholes formation, improves of type A graphite formation.

Neutralizes sulphur by forming manganese sulphides. Promotes for perlite formation.

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