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Ceramic foam filter

Ceramic silicon carbide foam filters
Application:For the filtration of molten Iron,copper,aluminum,and alloy.
Silicon carbide ceramic foam filters are designed to improve the quality of nodular, grey and malleable iron castings. The filter can effectively remove non-metallic inclusions including slag and dross from the molten metal stream. Additionally, they aid in reducing turbulence in the gating system. SIC ceramic foam filter’s outstanding thermal shock resistance and high strength properties were developed for superior performance in extreme iron foundry applications.
• Sand casting
• Investment casting
• Shell casting
• Low-pressure die casting
• Permanent mould casting

• Simplified and shorten gating system,increasing yield.
• Remove tiny slag effectively and purify molten metal.
• Well-distributed molten metal and improve performance.
• Quiet laminar flow of molten metal.

Filtration effect of Ceramic FoamFilter:
• Increase yield rate by 5-10%
• Reduce reject rate by 15-30%
• Improve Compressive strength and rigidity by 5-10%
• Improve bending resistance strength by 5-8%
• Improve the machining performance of casting
• Filtration: reduce the impurities which could lead to the casting defects (inclusions)
• Elimination of bubbles in metal
• Regulate and homogenize the metal flow, reduce the oxidation, improve casting quality

Product Features:
• Precise size.The control of size is processed from filter media sponge cutting to final sinter.
• High strength and free from loose debris.Special formula and technique adjustment together with good
package is to make sure it prevent from debris either during transportation or molten metal pouring.
• Branded main material. Branded filter media sponge with strictly inspection to make sure uniform hole
with high porosity.Triple check on pores of sponge:before cutting,cutted,sintered.
• High purity of raw materials,high refractory and good thermal shock resistance.

Physical Property:
• Main material Silicon Carbide
• Aplied Temp.(℃) ≤1500
• Color Gray-black
• Hole density (PPI) (PPI=pore per linear inch) 10/20/30
• Porosity(%) 80-90
• Compressive Strength(MPa) ≥1.0
• Bulk Density(g/cm3) 0.36-0.5
• Thermal shock resistance 6times/1100℃ to room temp.
• High temperature Bending strength (1200℃)MPa ≥0.6

Size and porosities:
• Different size can be made upon customer request.
• Length*width*height=(35-200)*(35-200)*(10-30)mm
• With round,square and rectangle shape.
• Tolerance:±(1-2)mm
• Pore size: 10PPI/20PPI/30PPI
• Tolerance:± 1-2PPI

Principle Of Using Filter:
• Set the filters as close as possible of the casting.
• Use simple gating system without dirt trap ( improve yield).
• The working area of filter should be 4–6 times of the section of chocked flow in gating system to make
sure that the pouring speed is not affected.
• Select the proper filters according to types of metal and pouring temperature.
• The higher porosity, the better filtration.

How To Choose Porosity Of Filter:
• The higher porosity, the better filtration. But too high porosity leads to low speed rate of metal. This is especially important for SG iron.Usually our recommendation are as below:
• 10ppi—for ductile iron, big grey iron, steel casting.
• 20ppi—for grey iron, malleable cast-iron,non ferrous alloy casting.
• 30ppi—for grey and malleable cast-iron, non ferrous alloy casting.

How To Set Filter:
The ceramic foam filter can be used in the filtration chamber of a gating system as well as for direct
pouring on the filter.
Filter is usually set above or below the sprue, runner, in pouring cup.

• It will be better install the filters as closer as possible to the inner sprue.
• Avoid the first molten metal flow strikes the filter directly.
• Keep the molten metal pouring height within 20cm.
• Initiate Press Head: it shall be not less than 200mm for gray iron casting.

• Carton and pallet.
• Carton size:530x350x265cm.
• Pallet size:1.1×1.1×2.0m.
• 42 cartons per pallet.
• For 1x20FT container, it can load 10pallets.
• For 1x40FT container, it can load 20pallets.

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